Exit West: A Novel Character Descriptions

Mohsin Hamid
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This character is a young man with a college education and a good job until militants take over his city. He meets a young woman who helps him adjust to changes in the city and find a new life in other places.


This character is an independent young woman who lives on her own in a society where women are expected to stay at home. She meets a young man and lives with his family for a time. Then she and the man go through doors to find a safe home.

Saeed's Father

This character is a university professor with a college-educated son. His wife is killed by militants.

Saeed's Mother

This character is a former schoolteacher. She met her husband at a cinema. She has a grown son. She is killed by militants.

Nadia's Musician Boyfriend

This character is the first lover of an independent woman...

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