Exercises in Style Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Explain how Exercises in Style evolved into what it is in the book. Does the author have any future plans for Exercises in Style?

Exercises in Style evolved into what it is from twelve variations written in 1942. By 1946 there were 99 variations, which the author says is the perfect number. The author sketched out possibilities for future exercises, as well.

2. Explain the basic story in Exercises in Style.

The first man, or young man, boards a crowded bus wearing a felt hat adorned with a plaited cord rather than a ribbon. The young man accuses the second man of stepping on his toes every time someone boards or leaves the bus. After a brief confrontation, the young man sees a vacant seat and sits in it. Later that day, the narrator sees the same young man talking to a friend who is advising him about the placement of a button on his overcoat.

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