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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What deal does Hope make with Junior Doc?
(a) He will send money, but they must accept imigrants from everywhere.
(b) He will send food, but it will be laced with chemicals to make the people infertile.
(c) He will help clean up the moon, but they must do their fair share.
(d) He will send troops to help enforce the law, but they must try to stop the crime families themselves.

2. How much time has passed between chapter seven and chapter six?
(a) Three weeks.
(b) One year.
(c) Three years.
(d) Two years.

3. Why do Spirit and Hope decide that it is best to get Hope out of town for a while?
(a) There have been more assassination attempts.
(b) They are worried that he is losing touch with the people.
(c) He is getting cabin fever.
(d) He is bored with politics.

4. What attraction does Hope take Amber and Hopie to the zoo to see?
(a) The atrium.
(b) The mastodon.
(c) The tiger.
(d) The aquarium.

5. What has Hope accomplished in his Tyrancy?
(a) He has balanced the economy and retired the debt.
(b) He has managed to conquer Saturn.
(c) He has driven crime rates to an all time low.
(d) He has completely reformed the medical care system.

6. As Jose, what agreement does Hope get from Shelia?
(a) The protesters will be arrested.
(b) Unristricted reproductive rights will be reinstated immediately.
(c) Partial reproductive rights will be reinstated in one year.
(d) The government will allow women to have children if they win a lottery.

7. What role does Spirit play in Hope's cabinet?
(a) She is in charge of population.
(b) She is in charge of crime.
(c) She is in charge of implementation.
(d) She is in charge of industry.

8. What name does Hope use during his undercover employment?
(a) Roberto Riviera
(b) Philipe Cruz
(c) Jesus Cortez
(d) Jose Garcia

9. What does Hope tell Amber when she asks about Megan's identity?
(a) He tells her that Megan is his wife, but she can't bring herself to be part of the Tyrancy.
(b) He tells her that Megan is his sister.
(c) He tells her that he doesn't know a Megan.
(d) He tells her that Megan is his wife, and they are happy together.

10. Which Earth country is the RedSpot most equivalent to?
(a) Canada.
(b) France.
(c) China.
(d) Mexico.

11. What happens as a result of Hope's reforms?
(a) While crime is up and employment is down, the population still like Hope's reforms.
(b) The population is outraged, crime is up, and employment is down.
(c) The population is outraged, but crime is down and employment is up.
(d) Crime is down, employment is up, and the population in general is happy.

12. Why do Spirit and Hope feel that getting him involved in industry for a while will be good for him?
(a) They feel that it will get him out of the bubble of power.
(b) They feel that he needs a productive way to burn off some excess energy.
(c) They feel that it will help him reconnect with the people.
(d) They feel that he needs some hard work to improve his personal character.

13. Who are Hope's mistresses?
(a) Spirit, Hopie, and Amber.
(b) Spirit, Hopie, and Shelia.
(c) Ebony, Coral, and Shelia.
(d) Amber, Ebony, and Coral.

14. Why does Phist suggest nationalizing a poorly performing iron company?
(a) To eventually take over the industry completely.
(b) To make the industry more competitive.
(c) To scare the rest of the iron companies into compliance.
(d) To bail the company out and keep them from failing.

15. On which moon is Hope's home town?
(a) Calisto.
(b) Titan.
(c) Ganymede.
(d) Luna.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hope witness during the protest?

2. What does Hope do when he is put in charge at work?

3. What happens when Hope meets with the senators?

4. How does the public feel about Hope's growing madness?

5. Why does Mondy suggest his idea about industry?

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