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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who asks Hope for direction in working on the budget?
(a) Senator Stonewall.
(b) Senator Prior.
(c) Senator Hardy.
(d) Senator Stonebridge.

2. Why does Senator Stonebridge tell Hope that he should impose steeper taxes?
(a) To pay for his vacation.
(b) To solidify his power on Jupiter.
(c) To balance the budget.
(d) To pay Saturn's demands.

3. Which of the following quotes can be attributed by this story's editor?
(a) Hope was fully and truly mad, much like his predecessors.
(b) Others had competence; Hope had magic.
(c) Where there is not good drinking, there can not be good living.
(d) If others have faith, Hope has Hope.

4. Who does Mondy hope will take over Saturn if his plan is a success?
(a) Admiral Mondy.
(b) Hope Hubris.
(c) Senator Stonebridge.
(d) Admiral Khukov.

5. How does Hope feel about his reign?
(a) He believes that once he has consolidated his power, he will turn it back into a democracy.
(b) He feels that the Greeks had many enlightened, benign dictators, and that his reign can be the same.
(c) He feels that since the world is at war, there must be a strong central government.
(d) He believes that his tyranical reign is just, since only the strong should rule.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Hope call in Emerald?

2. What news do Emerald and Mondy bring Hope?

3. Who is Hope Hubris?

4. Who is Hope's source of information about the Saturnine ship and troops?

5. What happens between Shelia and Hope while they wait to see if the bubble will collapse?

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