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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Hopie feel about Hope being with Amber?
(a) She is upset and feels that he must be raping her.
(b) She doesn't really care what Hope and Amber do.
(c) She doesn't like the age difference.
(d) She is happy to see them happy together.

2. What is the baby's name?
(a) Michael.
(b) Robertico.
(c) Sparticus.
(d) Roberto.

3. What happens when Hope takes Amber into one of the residences?
(a) Women attack them and try to take Hope away from Amber.
(b) Men set upon them with knives to take Amber from Hope.
(c) Prostitutes make offers to both of them.
(d) Hope realizes that the shabby outside does not define the well kept and beautiful homes of the Latins.

4. What makes Amber unique from most girls?
(a) She is bald.
(b) She is blind.
(c) She is deaf.
(d) She is mute.

5. How does Hope feel about his reign?
(a) He feels that since the world is at war, there must be a strong central government.
(b) He feels that the Greeks had many enlightened, benign dictators, and that his reign can be the same.
(c) He believes that his tyranical reign is just, since only the strong should rule.
(d) He believes that once he has consolidated his power, he will turn it back into a democracy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What deal does Hope make with Junior Doc?

2. Where does Emerald take Hope in Chapter 3?

3. How long after Hope's visit does Khukov take power?

4. How does Hope react when he is advised to find a baby sitter?

5. What does Amber do while hypnotized?

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