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Vince Flynn
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who sends men out to look for the snipers after Moro is killed?

2. Who does Abe Spielman bring to a meeting with David, in Chapter 18?

3. What ship is Rapp flown to after Moro is killed?

4. Who is Lt. Gen. Sergio Rizal?

5. What does Kennedy try to do for Anna after telling her that Rapp is rescuing a family?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Moro killed?

2. What information does Rapp confront Moro with?

3. What do Anna and Kennedy do when they want to talk to each other at the White House?

4. How do Devolis and his men know their operation has been compromised?

5. What role is McMahon, of the FBI, supposed to play in the plan for Dinagat Island?

6. What does David warn the Israelis about after he takes the attache, in Chapter 18?

7. How does David kill Hamza?

8. Why does Rapp hope the Philippine men will attack the Abu Sayyaf?

9. What has Freidman done to the attache, unbeknownst to David?

10. How does David answer Speilman when, in Chapter 18, he asks why David wants to go through with the plan?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Rapp's final choice (committing murder) at the end of the novel may seem surprising to some readers, but not surprising to others. Find three examples in the text of how this ending was foreshadowed, making sure to explain how each one directly connects to Rapp's choice to murder Prince Omar.

Essay Topic 2

Trust plays a critical role in "Executive Power," including trust between characters, as well as trust between the reader and the author. Write about 3 specific instances in the novel where the reader must trust Flynn for the story to advance, even though Flynn isn't telling the reader the entire story or all of the facts. How does this effect the book? How does it effect the relationship between Flynn and the reader? What devices does Flynn utilize to keep the reader's trust even though he is continually hiding certain parts of the story (e.g., David's mission in D.C.)?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss 1) at least 3 ways the novel would change if it were written from the perspective of Dr. Irene Kennedy and 2) at least 3 literary devices Flynn could use while writing from this different perspective.

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