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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the resolution that is going to be offered by the French, in front of the United Nations, propose?
(a) Palestinian statehood.
(b) War on the Palestinians.
(c) War on whoever assassinated the Palestinian ambassador.
(d) The revocation of the State of Israel.

2. Where is David taken after the Apache attack?
(a) A secret prison.
(b) The American embassy.
(c) Jail.
(d) A hospital.

3. How does David feel about his plan after he parks the van near the White House?
(a) Regretful.
(b) Full of rage that he has been manipulated so many times.
(c) Very pleased.
(d) Very nervous.

4. What do the Americans want from the Saudi ambassador?
(a) A promise for cheaper oil.
(b) More time.
(c) A confession about their illegal activities with Prince Omar.
(d) A promise to keep channels open.

5. How does David get to Jordan?
(a) He flies there by helicopter.
(b) He is taken there by his captors.
(c) He bribes an agent at the border.
(d) He drives a stolen car.

Short Answer Questions

1. What information on David does Kennedy receive?

2. Who is Dumond focusing on in his financial investigation of Prince Omar?

3. Where does David already have a train ticket to when he shoots the ambassador?

4. After the rescue mission, whose point of view does Rapp slowly begin to understand?

5. What does the president tell his staff after he hangs up from speaking with the Saudi crown prince after the ambassador's assassination?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Rapp and Kennedy learn and then decide about David, in Chapter 59?

2. What is David's purpose in New York?

3. What does Kennedy say in response to questions from the Saudi ambassador about the Palestinian ambassador's death?

4. How does David get out of the Israeli hospital?

5. How does David detonate the bomb in his van?

6. What does Rapp think about Anna as the rescue attempt begins?

7. What does David tell Anna about his mission when he gets home?

8. What is Kennedy angry about regarding the rescue operation?

9. In Chapter 60, what does Kennedy report to the president about the bombing in Hebron?

10. What possibility does Kennedy propose about David while discussing with Rapp who is behind the Palestinian ambassador's death?

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