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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the resolution that is going to be offered by the French, in front of the United Nations, propose?
(a) War on whoever assassinated the Palestinian ambassador.
(b) The revocation of the State of Israel.
(c) War on the Palestinians.
(d) Palestinian statehood.

2. Who is Hamed Ali?
(a) The Palestinian ambassador to Israel.
(b) The Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations.
(c) A very famous Palestinian reporter.
(d) The president of Palestine.

3. What does the president tell his staff after he hangs up from speaking with the Saudi crown prince after the ambassador's assassination?
(a) That they will vote for the French resolution.
(b) That there will be war between the two countries.
(c) That the Saudi crown prince thinks the president is next to be killed.
(d) That they have 24 hours to solve the murder.

4. How do the Americans realize who the target of the explosion is?
(a) The Saudi embassy calls them to inquire about the ambassador.
(b) Rapp puts everything together for them.
(c) David confesses everything while threatening to blow himself up.
(d) Anna figures it out because of her reporting.

5. What meeting is Sapp invited to attend as part of his assignment, after returning home from the rescue mission?
(a) Every press conference on the Middle East.
(b) The National Security Council meeting.
(c) The meeting of the military chiefs.
(d) The president's daily security briefing.

6. Where does Kennedy receive information about Prince Omar?
(a) France.
(b) England.
(c) The New York Police Department.
(d) A secret informant.

7. Where does Marcus Dumond check out Prince Omar's finances?
(a) At the CTC.
(b) At the FBI.
(c) At the CIA.
(d) At the OBM.

8. Where is David taken after the Apache attack?
(a) A secret prison.
(b) Jail.
(c) A hospital.
(d) The American embassy.

9. Which two people are shot before Hamed Ali is shot?
(a) Anna and Rapp.
(b) A police officer and a reporter.
(c) Two of his security guards.
(d) The president and the Israeli ambassador.

10. What does David think will happen after his next plan is carried out?
(a) That a free Palestinian state will be a reality.
(b) That he will be hailed as a hero in his home country.
(c) That he will finally be able to make the front page of the papers.
(d) That he will die in his attempt for peace.

11. What do the Saudis threaten to do if the United States does not do what they wish in regard to the French resolution?
(a) Halt all political negotiations.
(b) Declare formal war.
(c) Suspend all oil shipments.
(d) Expose the murder attempts the US has done in Saudia Arabia.

12. Why is Uri Doran worried, in Chapter 62?
(a) He is not worried because he is not a character in this novel.
(b) Because he keeps receiving anonymous threats via cell phone.
(c) Because he keeps receiving anonymous threats via email.
(d) Because the ambassador has a meeting at the White House.

13. What do the president, Rapp, and Kennedy wonder about Friedman after the ambassador's assassination?
(a) If he is in danger.
(b) If he is going go try to assassinate the American president.
(c) If he is next on the list.
(d) If he can be trusted.

14. What is Goldberg worried about politically, in Chapter 53?
(a) That he will lose next week's election.
(b) That he will be made fun of in this week's political cartoon.
(c) That he will receive a vote of no-confidence.
(d) That his vice minister will attempt to overthrow him.

15. Who is Kennedy talking to on the phone when Rapp arrives after the rescue mission?
(a) Friedman.
(b) Anna.
(c) The president.
(d) The director of the CIA.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did the rescue operation take place?

2. Where do Anna and Rapp enjoy dinner while discussing the killing of the Palestinian ambassador?

3. Where does David already have a train ticket to when he shoots the ambassador?

4. How does David feel about his plan after he parks the van near the White House?

5. Who is Turbes?

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