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Vince Flynn
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 21-25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the SEALs in the Prelude first reach their intended target?
(a) By parachute.
(b) By helicopter.
(c) By boat.
(d) By tunnel.

2. Why doesn't David kill Hamza and leave?
(a) He realizes he made a mistake and tries to cover his tracks.
(b) He had to find the secret videotape.
(c) He is afraid of being caught.
(d) He is too enraged about what he did to the little girl.

3. Who leads David to a room where Abe Spielman is waiting?
(a) A priest.
(b) A person who is talking though an earpiece, giving directions.
(c) No one; he follows a tracking device.
(d) A person David doesn't know.

4. Who is Hassan Rasia?
(a) The man David is supposed to kill.
(b) An old colleague who is a double agent now.
(c) A former American spy who was a double agent.
(d) A man who works for the Palestinian General Intelligence.

5. What is the president's initial inclination about what to do with General Moro?
(a) He wants him killed in secret as soon as possible.
(b) He wants to keep him alive for political purposes.
(c) He is unsure and will give his decision in a few days.
(d) He wants to keep him alive so he can be questioned.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is in charge of the Navy SEALs, in the Prelude?

2. Who is Church supposed to follow and monitor?

3. Who signals to Coleman's team that there is something ahead?

4. Where was Coleman expecting to find the hostages?

5. Who does Alan Church work for when he is introduced in the novel?

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