Objects & Places from Executive Power

Vince Flynn
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Caribbean Island

The specific location of this place is unnamed, but it is where Mitch and Anna spend their honeymoon.

Dinagat Island

This location is in the Philippines where the Navy SEALs operation, led by Lieutenant Devolis, takes place.

Monte Carlo

This place is a city in Monaco, a nation located on the Mediterranean Sea.

Langley, Virginia

This is a suburb of Washington DC and the location of CIA headquarters.


This place is the capital of Jordan, a Middle Eastern country bordered by Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Israel.

Washington DC

This is the capitol of the United States.


This city in Israel and is known as the Old City.


This is an Israeli city twenty miles south of a major city.


This is a French city located on the Mediterranean.

New York City

This is the United State's largest city, located on the...

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