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Vince Flynn
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Essay Topic 1

The title of the book can have multiple meanings. Take a position about what you think the title means and provide examples from the text that demonstrate the use of "executive power," when the term "executive power" refers to something other than presidential power, etc.

Essay Topic 2

Would the struggles and espionage of "Executive Powers" change if placed in a more historical setting of conflict (e.g., WWII)? Support your answer by using 3 specific examples that compare or contrast your evidence and thesis to events or or situations in the text.

Essay Topic 3

The marriage between Anna and Mitch is kept secret from the public, yet plays an important role in both characters' lives. Give 3 things we learn about both Anna and Mitch through their relationship and interactions with each other.

Essay Topic 4

Rapp's final choice (committing murder) at the end of the novel may seem...

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