Executive Power Character Descriptions

Vince Flynn
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Using an assumed name, this person is of Middle Eastern descent and is thirty-four years of age.

Mitch Rapp

This person has been a covert operative for the CIA since the age of 22 and became famous for leading a team of commandos into Iraq.

Ben Freidman

This character is the director general of Mossad, was born in Jerusalem in 1949, became distinguished in the Six Day War, and then joined military intelligence.

Dr. Irene Kennedy

This person is the director of the CIA and is viewed as an alarmist by many in Washington.

Prince Omar

This character is the wealthy benefactor of another, is in his mid-fifties, and is known for throwing grand parties.

Scott Coleman

This person is the former commander of SEAL Team 6, whose company now performs freelance work for the CIA.

Alan Church

This person, originally a mechanical engineer, is a British agent who has...

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