Executive Power Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Vince Flynn
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Prelude, Chapters 1-5

• Prelude: In violation of international law, a boat of Navy SEALs, led by Lt. Devolis, arrive on an island in the Philippine sea.

• Chapter 1: Anna Reilly, a reporter, and Mitch Rapp, a CIA operative, are on their honeymoon. They married in secret at the White House. As part of their marriage, Anna has promised not to pry into Rapp's work with the CIA.

• Chapter 2: Devolis and his men are ambushed as soon as they arrive on the beach. They call for an evacuation but have clearly walked into an ambush; their mission was compromised before they could even begin.

• Chapter 3: David is riding in a launch to meet his partner, Prince Omar.

• Chapter 4: Dr. Irene Kennedy, director of the CIA, hears about the compromised SEALs' mission and promises to make an example of whomever compromised the mission. She plans to assign Rapp to the project...

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