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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Gary want a phone call from in order to stop his hunger strike?

2. Larry Schiller is a former ________ photographer turned sensationalist writer and wanna-be documentary producer.

3. What does Nicole entrust Tamara with, although she asks for them back?

4. Over what town do Gary's ashes fall, although it is illegal to do so?

5. Who is the famous journalist/reporter that is in town trying to learn more about the Gary Gilmore case?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Earl Dorius find out in a phone call the night before Gary's execution?

2. Who is Denniz Boaz and why does he become a part of Gary's case?

3. Why is Schiller in Hawaii as Gary continues to be interviewed by the media?

4. What gives Schiller a leg up in the competition to get the rights to Gary's story?

5. Why does Jeff Newman try to push his way into Nicole's house?

6. Why does the Enquirer hire an expert to analyze the stresses in Gary's voice during the interviews?

7. What do the media do since no one has any access to Gary and to his story?

8. What does Schiller mistakenly do in regards to Nicole?

9. Why are Sam Smith, the Warden, and other officials looking over the laws?

10. What does Gary say when asked if he went into the motel and the service station to kill someone?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The trick with the character of Gary is that he seems to be someone you can both hate and understand. This can cause the reader to not know what to think.

Part 1: Cite at least two examples of things which may be considered admirable in Gary.

Part 2: Cite at least two examples of things which may be considered detestable in Gary.

Part 3: Do you think Gary is a good person or a bad person? What were your reactions to him in the story?

Essay Topic 2

The role of family in this story is a muddled one. Both Gary and Nicole seem to have had troubles with the male figures in their lives, which may have led to their current issues.

Part 1: Describe the troubles of Nicole as she grew up in her family.

Part 2: What might have impacted Gary in relation to his male family relationships?

Part 3: If these characters had positive male role models, do you think they would have turned out differently? Why or why not? How?

Essay Topic 3

Several times in the story, Gary gets away with things he has done wrong. This is frustrating for the reader who realizes Gary is tragedy waiting to happen.

Part 1: Why does Gary's parole officer want Gary to get into trouble with the law again?

Part 2: What does Gary's parole office do in order to help Gary avoid jail time?

Part 3: Do you think Gary's parole office shares responsibility for the murders? Why or why not?

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