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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Gary contact in order to get the new attorney in his corner to argue the stay?
(a) Cline Campbell
(b) Earl Dorius
(c) Nicole
(d) Bill Barrett

2. Who does Gary want a phone call from in order to stop his hunger strike?
(a) Nicole
(b) Brenda
(c) Vern
(d) Bessie

3. The night before his execution, Gary and his friends enjoy "A Night of Dancing and Light ____________."
(a) Dancing
(b) Music
(c) Merriment
(d) Refreshment

4. The US Supreme Court decided that the press does not have a constitutional right to enter prisons to ____________.
(a) Talk to the wardens
(b) Interview inmates
(c) See the death row cells
(d) See executions

5. Who works with the ACLU to get a stay on the execution?
(a) Sterling
(b) Brenda
(c) Bessie
(d) Nicole

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Gary's second to last words before he is killed?

2. What does the answer to #98 now do for a living?

3. Who does Geraldo Rivera try to call in order to get an interview, although he/she is in the hospital?

4. What is the nickname Nicole is given by Gary, although it only comes up in their letters?

5. Who insists that a bulk of the proceeds derived from the deal with Schiller go to benefit the children of Gary's victims?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Schiller mistakenly do in regards to Nicole?

2. What evidence is presented in the book which leads the reader to believe Gary was not serious about killing himself?

3. What do the media do since no one has any access to Gary and to his story?

4. Why are Sam Smith, the Warden, and other officials looking over the laws?

5. What happens to Nicole after she is released from the state hospital?

6. Why can't Gary eat pizza along with the other friends of his when they visit in the prison?

7. What gives Schiller a leg up in the competition to get the rights to Gary's story?

8. Why is Schiller in Hawaii as Gary continues to be interviewed by the media?

9. What does Schiller realize when he is already inside the prison's fence?

10. Why have Warden Sam Smith and others at the prison been keeping the reporters away from Gary?

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