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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gil Athay is an attorney for one of the ________, and he soon gets into the fray as well.
(a) Manson killers
(b) Copycat killers
(c) The Zodiac Killers
(d) Hi-Fi Killers

2. What does Schiller realize he does not have once he is inside the prison's fence?
(a) Pen
(b) Notebook
(c) Glasses
(d) Audio recorder

3. What kind of car does Gibbs buy on his way out of town, away from Gary and the theft ring?
(a) Ford
(b) Oldsmobile
(c) Dodge
(d) Range Rover

4. What does Geraldo promise the viewers of his segment about the execution that they will be able to hear?
(a) The screams
(b) The shots
(c) The blood spatter
(d) The weeping

5. What does the doctor say when the doctor finds out about Gary's death? "Oh, that's really too bad. They should have _______ him a long time ago."
(a) Wasted
(b) Caught
(c) Forgiven
(d) Released

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Schiller make Gary do in order to regulate the questions he is being asked by his lawyers?

2. Gary writes a letter protesting the _______ of his execution, accusing the state of not having the courage of its convictions.

3. Earl Dorius realizes that as the media is let into the prison, the ____________ of the prison becomes lax.

4. Who does the Enquirer hire that seems to believe Gary does not actually want to die?

5. What does Boaz have to do because the officers believe he is the one who sneaked sleeping pills into Gary?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where is Brenda when Geraldo Rivera calls to get an interview about Gary from her?

2. Why are Sam Smith, the Warden, and other officials looking over the laws?

3. What does Schiller realize when he is already inside the prison's fence?

4. What do the media do since no one has any access to Gary and to his story?

5. Why does the Enquirer hire an expert to analyze the stresses in Gary's voice during the interviews?

6. What evidence is presented in the book which leads the reader to believe Gary was not serious about killing himself?

7. What gives Schiller a leg up in the competition to get the rights to Gary's story?

8. Who does Boaz think Campbell is when he shows up at his door?

9. Where are Gary's ashes spread after his death, suitably illegally spread?

10. What are the refreshments provided to Gary on his last night before the execution?

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