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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gary suggest he and Rikki do when he isn't able to pick up women?
(a) Leave town
(b) Rape them
(c) Kill them
(d) Have sex

2. How much does Gary make per hour when he is working in Vern's shop?
(a) $6.25
(b) $3.00
(c) $2.50
(d) $5.00

3. Where do Barrett and Nicole live for awhile?
(a) A bar
(b) The woods
(c) Barrett's mom's house
(d) Volkswagon

4. Who is the nighttime guard that Gibbs and Gary start to play with?
(a) Luis
(b) Roger
(c) Salvadore
(d) Joe

5. Who else does Grace blame for Gary's behavior as they will not pay the back taxes on Bessie's house?
(a) The bank
(b) The factory's credit union
(c) Gary's father
(d) Mormon Church

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the kind of acid Nicole drops that causes her to scream and yell and run through the streets of Provo?

2. What does Nicole confess in one of her letters to Gary that causes him to go ballistic?

3. Who does Gary ask to babysit for Nicole's daughters, causing some to feel he might have less than ideal intentions?

4. Whose albums did Gary and Bessie listen to during some of their happier times together?

5. What do Sterling and Gary talk about a lot as they work in Vern's shop?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Gary make April tell Brenda after the two spend the night together at the Holiday Inn?

2. Why does Gary contact Brenda as he comes to the end of his jail term in Oregon?

3. What is the biggest obstacle for the lawyers who are trying to defend Gary in his murder charges?

4. Describe Nicole when she meets Gary as the age of twenty.

5. What are some of the good times Bessie and Gary shared between his prison sentences?

6. What does Sterling attribute to causing the bond between himself and Gary?

7. What does Nicole pride herself on at the time when she meets Gary?

8. What does Peter see that causes him to talk to Ida about his findings?

9. Who will Gary live with after he gets out of prison?

10. Describe the nature of Nicole's first marriage.

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