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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Campbell says that while suicide is a sin, paying for your sins with ______________ would not necessarily be wrong.
(a) Intentional suicide
(b) Just punishment
(c) Time in jail
(d) Money

2. What is the name of the guy that Nicole really likes, even though she is married to her first husband?
(a) Dude
(b) Captain
(c) Roger
(d) The Man

3. What do Sterling and Gary talk about a lot as they work in Vern's shop?
(a) Books
(b) The news
(c) Girls
(d) Music

4. Who does Grace go with when she is able to visit with Gary in prison?
(a) Nicole
(b) Brenda
(c) Sterling
(d) Bessie

5. Before Nicole is 11, she won't let anybody "__________," but she still likes taking her clothes off and letting people look.
(a) Put it in
(b) Grope her breasts
(c) Kiss her
(d) Date her

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nicole confess in one of her letters to Gary that causes him to go ballistic?

2. Gary writes in a letter that he thinks ____________ might return him to the world a happier person.

3. What does Nicole use in her half-hearted suicide attempt after visiting Gary one day?

4. Who decides that the answer to #38 is much too young for the responsibility of taking care of children?

5. Why does the judge adjourn Gary's court case early on the day of the defense's case?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do people have to say about Gary's talents as an artist?

2. Why is Nicole taken off of Gary's visiting list at the prison, although she is eventually reinstated?

3. What are some of the good times Bessie and Gary shared between his prison sentences?

4. What does Sterling attribute to causing the bond between himself and Gary?

5. Describe the character of Peter Galovan, a character who emerges in Book 1, Part 3.

6. Describe Nicole when she meets Gary as the age of twenty.

7. Why does Grace McGinnis eventually sever ties with Bessie and her clan?

8. Describe the state of April, Nicole's sister, when Gary finds her at Nicole's mother's house.

9. Why has Gary begun to hate his Mustang and to begin to look for an alternative car?

10. What happened to Nicole's Mustang which makes her have to hitchhike in order to see Gary in prison?

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