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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Grace thought, "I'll bet a ________ he knew those boys were Mormon before he killed them."
(a) House
(b) Dollar
(c) Million dollars
(d) Nickel

2. Who is AWOL from the army, but the army takes him back anyway?
(a) Jim Barrett
(b) Jim Hampton
(c) Gary Gilmore
(d) Vern Williams

3. What does Gary steal in response to his problems with the truck dealership?
(a) The truck
(b) TVs
(c) A gold watch
(d) Guns

4. Why does the judge adjourn Gary's court case early on the day of the defense's case?
(a) The presidential debate
(b) The election
(c) He just doesn't like Gary
(d) Bomb threats

5. What is the kind of acid Nicole drops that causes her to scream and yell and run through the streets of Provo?
(a) Merriment
(b) Christmas
(c) Sunshine
(d) Happiness

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the nickname Nicole earns when she is in school because of her growing chest?

2. Much of the appeals process is ______, requiring little participation on the part of the convict.

3. What does Gary try to steal in response to Nicole's leaving him?

4. What does Gary accidentally do while trying to dispose of the murder weapon?

5. Who does Gary ask to babysit for Nicole's daughters, causing some to feel he might have less than ideal intentions?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Nicole taken off of Gary's visiting list at the prison, although she is eventually reinstated?

2. Describe the nature of Nicole's first marriage.

3. What is one of the first signs in the book that Gary might have feelings for younger girls?

4. What happens when Gary and Nicole try to consummate their new relationship?

5. Why is Gary's case the case of a lifetime for Esplin and Snyder?

6. Who will Gary live with after he gets out of prison?

7. What is the evidence the prosecution has in the case against Gary?

8. Describe the character of Peter Galovan, a character who emerges in Book 1, Part 3.

9. What does Peter see that causes him to talk to Ida about his findings?

10. Why do Nicole's other lovers become a bit unnerved by her and by her situation?

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