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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Schiller get a check for $50,000 in order to secure Gary's story?
(a) Fox
(b) CBS
(c) ABC
(d) NBC

2. What does the answer to #98 now do for a living?
(a) Lawyer
(b) Painter
(c) Writer
(d) Consultant

3. Who does Gary contact in order to get the new attorney in his corner to argue the stay?
(a) Cline Campbell
(b) Bill Barrett
(c) Nicole
(d) Earl Dorius

4. Gary does point out that neither of his victims did anything to __________ him.
(a) Hurt
(b) Annoy
(c) Affect
(d) Amuse

5. Where is Schiller vacationing as the holidays occur over the years 1976 to 1977?
(a) Florida
(b) Hawaii
(c) Bali
(d) Jamaica

6. Who insists that a bulk of the proceeds derived from the deal with Schiller go to benefit the children of Gary's victims?
(a) Larry
(b) Nicole
(c) Grace
(d) Vern

7. __________ is undecided whether or not he wants to pursue a stay against his brother's wishes.
(a) Vern
(b) Mikal
(c) Greg
(d) Sterling

8. The US Supreme Court decided that the press does not have a constitutional right to enter prisons to ____________.
(a) See the death row cells
(b) See executions
(c) Talk to the wardens
(d) Interview inmates

9. Who finds the business of selling Gary's letters ghoulish and distasteful?
(a) Vern
(b) Bessie
(c) Stephanie
(d) Leon

10. Who recognizes that with Gary's knowledge of drugs, he knew he wasn't taking a lethal dose of sleeping pills?
(a) Nicole
(b) Vern
(c) Brenda
(d) Gibbs

11. What does Gary do after he learns about his new execution date?
(a) Calls Nicole
(b) Asks for a priest
(c) Attempts suicide
(d) Celebrates with his jail buddies

12. What kind of car does the answer to #98 drive, although it is in danger of being repossessed?
(a) Porsche
(b) Saab
(c) Volkswagon bug
(d) Volvo

13. Jeff Newman, the man who shows up at Nicole's house the day her body is discovered after her pill overdose, is from what publication?
(a) Us Weekly
(b) The Globe
(c) Time
(d) National Enquirer

14. Where does Nicole eventually end up, even though she was settling well into a new life?
(a) Utah
(b) Colorado
(c) Oregon
(d) Washington

15. Larry Schiller is a former ________ photographer turned sensationalist writer and wanna-be documentary producer.
(a) Time
(b) National Geographic
(c) Life
(d) Newsweek

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the warden at Utah State Penitentiary that tries to keep all of the reporters out, although he lets Boaz in?

2. What does Nicole entrust Tamara with, although she asks for them back?

3. Who is the pot-smoking, hippie-like, former prosecuting attorney from Boalt Hall?

4. What does Schiller feel he needs to do with Gary in order to make his planned book and film production work?

5. What is wrong with the room they put Gary in during his sentencing?

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