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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The US Supreme Court decided that the press does not have a constitutional right to enter prisons to ____________.
(a) Talk to the wardens
(b) See executions
(c) See the death row cells
(d) Interview inmates

2. Gary does point out that neither of his victims did anything to __________ him.
(a) Amuse
(b) Hurt
(c) Affect
(d) Annoy

3. Because Boaz is not a member of the Utah bar, he needs a ________ in order to plead Gary's case before the court.
(a) Certification
(b) Sponsor
(c) Course in legal form
(d) Deposit

4. What is the signal Schiller will give if he doesn't want Gary to answer a particular question?
(a) Clapping
(b) Coughing
(c) Rubbing his eye
(d) Rubbing his chin

5. What has Gary already willed to others?
(a) His money
(b) His jewelry
(c) His clothing
(d) His organs

6. Earl Dorius realizes that as the media is let into the prison, the ____________ of the prison becomes lax.
(a) Security
(b) Quiet
(c) Peace
(d) Civility

7. Where does Nicole hide the pills she is sneaking in to Gary?
(a) Her hat
(b) A shoe
(c) Her purse
(d) Her vagina

8. To whom does Gary offer $5000 for a change of clothes so he can escape?
(a) Moody
(b) Schiller
(c) Vern
(d) Brenda

9. Jeff Newman, the man who shows up at Nicole's house the day her body is discovered after her pill overdose, is from what publication?
(a) Time
(b) Us Weekly
(c) The Globe
(d) National Enquirer

10. Who does Gary have a date with on the morning of his execution?
(a) Bessie
(b) Firing squad
(c) Leon
(d) Nicole

11. What is Gary trying which has Sam Smith and other officials looking into laws to change his actions?
(a) Letter writing campaigns
(b) Interviews
(c) Suicide attempts
(d) Hunger strike

12. Who does the Enquirer hire that seems to believe Gary does not actually want to die?
(a) Psychologist
(b) Expert in voice analysis
(c) Minister
(d) Expert in handwriting

13. For what magazine is the interview that Farrell is working out as Schiller is on vacation?
(a) Playboy
(b) Time
(c) FHM
(d) Maxim

14. __________ is undecided whether or not he wants to pursue a stay against his brother's wishes.
(a) Vern
(b) Greg
(c) Mikal
(d) Sterling

15. Who is already publishing excerpts of the letters of Nicole and Gary?
(a) Life
(b) Enquirer
(c) The Globe
(d) Time

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Gary have a temper tantrum which leads to his being forced to spend Christmas in solitary?

2. Which judge considers himself to be a bastion of good sense in a desert of craziness?

3. Who seems to have the inside track with Gary since he has a verbal agreement with Boaz?

4. What does Geraldo promise the viewers of his segment about the execution that they will be able to hear?

5. What does Gary do after he learns about his new execution date?

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