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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does April refuse to have sex with Gary when they are at the Provo Holiday Inn?
(a) She is a virgin
(b) She has a boyfriend
(c) She is feeling paranoid
(d) She has a headache

2. Who does Grace go with when she is able to visit with Gary in prison?
(a) Brenda
(b) Sterling
(c) Bessie
(d) Nicole

3. What is Gary's mental health diagnosis that limits his ability to plead an insanity defense?
(a) Psychotic
(b) Psychopath
(c) Manic depressive
(d) Schizophrenic

4. What does Vern easily beat Gary at, which causes him to feel a little less than a man?
(a) Arm wrestling
(b) Euchre
(c) Blackjack
(d) Poker

5. Lu Ann points out that Gary has not been in a ___________ for a long time.
(a) Bedroom
(b) Library
(c) Bar
(d) Car

6. Who is the doctor at the state mental hospital who is evaluating Gary during his prison sentence?
(a) Dr. Smith
(b) Dr. Woods
(c) Dr. Boaz
(d) Dr. Cahoon

7. Who else does Grace blame for Gary's behavior as they will not pay the back taxes on Bessie's house?
(a) The factory's credit union
(b) Mormon Church
(c) The bank
(d) Gary's father

8. What do Sterling and Gary talk about a lot as they work in Vern's shop?
(a) Girls
(b) The news
(c) Music
(d) Books

9. What is the loud and comical item Gary wears that makes him stand out in a crowd?
(a) Shirt
(b) Tie
(c) Coat
(d) Hat

10. How often does the drug Grace blames for Gary's actions have to be used in order to be an effective chemical restraint?
(a) Every day
(b) Every two hours
(c) Once a week
(d) Every hour

11. Brenda tells Gary on the phone that she will bring him new clothes and _________ even though she has alerted the police to his position.
(a) A gun
(b) Plane tickets
(c) Bus fare
(d) Codeine

12. What does Nicole promise during her reconciliation with Gary after he writes her a long and explosive letter?
(a) Marriage
(b) To leave him forever
(c) Monogamy
(d) More children

13. What does Gary get into the habit of doing with Sterling?
(a) Smoking crack
(b) Playing poker
(c) Picking up young girls
(d) Stealing cars

14. Who thinks Gary might have been the trigger man in the gas station murder?
(a) Peter
(b) Alex
(c) Mont Court
(d) Nicole

15. Why does the judge adjourn Gary's court case early on the day of the defense's case?
(a) The presidential debate
(b) Bomb threats
(c) He just doesn't like Gary
(d) The election

Short Answer Questions

1. Who decides that the answer to #38 is much too young for the responsibility of taking care of children?

2. What is the profession of Grace McGinnis?

3. Nicole's other lovers are a bit spooked by Gary as he is a ______________ who thinks Nicole is his alone.

4. What convinces Nicole to take Gary back, even though it is presumed he doesn't mean a word of it?

5. With which state's authorities does Gary get into trouble for auto theft and felony assault?

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