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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Gary's mental health diagnosis that limits his ability to plead an insanity defense?
(a) Manic depressive
(b) Psychotic
(c) Schizophrenic
(d) Psychopath

2. Whose car is Gary driving when he has the altercation with the security guard?
(a) Vern's
(b) Sterling's
(c) Nicole's
(d) His own

3. Why does April refuse to have sex with Gary when they are at the Provo Holiday Inn?
(a) She is feeling paranoid
(b) She has a boyfriend
(c) She has a headache
(d) She is a virgin

4. Who is the twelve-year-old girl Nicole and Gary invite into their bed?
(a) Rosebeth
(b) Katie
(c) Emily
(d) Annabelle

5. How often does the drug Grace blames for Gary's actions have to be used in order to be an effective chemical restraint?
(a) Every hour
(b) Every two hours
(c) Once a week
(d) Every day

6. Who does Gary ask to babysit for Nicole's daughters, causing some to feel he might have less than ideal intentions?
(a) Emily
(b) Annabelle
(c) Annette
(d) Rosebeth

7. Brenda tells Gary on the phone that she will bring him new clothes and _________ even though she has alerted the police to his position.
(a) Plane tickets
(b) Codeine
(c) Bus fare
(d) A gun

8. Why does the judge adjourn Gary's court case early on the day of the defense's case?
(a) He just doesn't like Gary
(b) The presidential debate
(c) Bomb threats
(d) The election

9. Where do Barrett and Nicole live for awhile?
(a) The woods
(b) Volkswagon
(c) Barrett's mom's house
(d) A bar

10. In the fight between Gary and Peter, who is the eventual winner?
(a) Gary
(b) Vern steps in and breaks it up
(c) Neither
(d) Peter

11. What does Gary steal in response to his problems with the truck dealership?
(a) The truck
(b) TVs
(c) A gold watch
(d) Guns

12. What is the profession of Grace McGinnis?
(a) Nun
(b) Schoolteacher
(c) Bank teller
(d) Motel worker

13. Why can't Nicole take her car to go see Gary at the prison?
(a) She lost her license
(b) She hurt her foot
(c) It was stolen
(d) It is broken

14. What kind of shop does Spencer McGrath run which is where Gary eventually gets another job?
(a) Oil change
(b) Convenience
(c) Shoe repair
(d) Insulation

15. The Mormon majority believes that man does go on to become a ______________ and inherits one of the many unused planets when he dies.
(a) Spirit
(b) Servant
(c) Mini-god
(d) King

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Gary and Rikki cruise to meet women?

2. What does Gary try to steal in response to Nicole's leaving him?

3. What kind of execution does Gary prefer, according to his statement to the judge when asked about his choice of manner of death?

4. The dealer of the white truck won't sell it to Gary without a __________, which makes him mad.

5. What does Gary discover is his real last name, according to his birth certificate, although he had been told otherwise?

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