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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who thinks Gary might have been the trigger man in the gas station murder?
(a) Alex
(b) Peter
(c) Nicole
(d) Mont Court

2. Gary Gilmore might end up in Oregon, but where was he born?
(a) Nevada
(b) Utah
(c) Illlinois
(d) Ohio

3. What is the kind of acid Nicole drops that causes her to scream and yell and run through the streets of Provo?
(a) Merriment
(b) Happiness
(c) Christmas
(d) Sunshine

4. In the fight between Gary and Peter, who is the eventual winner?
(a) Gary
(b) Vern steps in and breaks it up
(c) Peter
(d) Neither

5. Brenda tells Gary on the phone that she will bring him new clothes and _________ even though she has alerted the police to his position.
(a) Plane tickets
(b) Bus fare
(c) A gun
(d) Codeine

6. What is the name of the guy that Nicole really likes, even though she is married to her first husband?
(a) Roger
(b) Dude
(c) The Man
(d) Captain

7. How long does Gary's court process take, including the day for jury selection?
(a) One week
(b) Four days
(c) Two months
(d) Three days

8. What kind of shop does Vern own and that Gary eventually works at?
(a) Shoe repair
(b) Auto body
(c) Stationery
(d) Stereo

9. Where does Gary's truck end up as the police are trying to take him into custody?
(a) The impound
(b) A drainage ditch
(c) The middle of the road
(d) Nicole's possession

10. What does Nicole confess in one of her letters to Gary that causes him to go ballistic?
(a) She doesn't love him
(b) She's spent his money
(c) She's leaving him
(d) She's been sleeping around

11. Who does Grace go with when she is able to visit with Gary in prison?
(a) Brenda
(b) Nicole
(c) Sterling
(d) Bessie

12. What is the name of Nicole's first husband, who she meets after escaping from the nuthouse?
(a) Gary Smith
(b) Joe Hillard
(c) Tom Roberts
(d) Jim Hampton

13. Who else does Grace blame for Gary's behavior as they will not pay the back taxes on Bessie's house?
(a) The factory's credit union
(b) Gary's father
(c) Mormon Church
(d) The bank

14. What is the nickname Nicole earns when she is in school because of her growing chest?
(a) Foam Rubber
(b) The Squish Girl
(c) Naughty Nicole
(d) Double D

15. Where do Gary and Rikki cruise to meet women?
(a) Main Street
(b) Provo Blvd.
(c) Salt Lake Street
(d) Border Avenue

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose car is Gary driving when he has the altercation with the security guard?

2. Why can't Nicole take her car to go see Gary at the prison?

3. What convinces Nicole to take Gary back, even though it is presumed he doesn't mean a word of it?

4. What does Gary rob second in order to get money he needs for his truck payment?

5. Who tells Gary that he can whip him, which is why he isn't afraid of Gary?

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