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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is an uptight religious fanatic who is given to nervous breakdowns?
(a) Peter Galovan
(b) Richard Peterson
(c) Reginald Smith
(d) Vern Mahtoch

2. Who does Nicole decide to leave with when she is seven months pregnant and homeless?
(a) Her mom
(b) Her brother
(c) Her dad
(d) Hampton

3. What did Gary do when he was in jail in order to get more privacy and solitude?
(a) Attempt suicide
(b) Go to the hospital wing
(c) Volunteer
(d) Ask to be put into solitary

4. What kind of shop does Spencer McGrath run which is where Gary eventually gets another job?
(a) Insulation
(b) Oil change
(c) Convenience
(d) Shoe repair

5. Who decides that the answer to #38 is much too young for the responsibility of taking care of children?
(a) Ira
(b) Ida
(c) Nicole
(d) Vern

6. Why does the judge adjourn Gary's court case early on the day of the defense's case?
(a) Bomb threats
(b) He just doesn't like Gary
(c) The election
(d) The presidential debate

7. Gary will be the first man to be ____________ in the United States in a decade.
(a) Put into solitary confinement
(b) His own lawyer
(c) Guilty of more than one murder
(d) Executed

8. What is the name of the lot where Gary's truck is situated?
(a) V.J. Motors
(b) Provo Parts
(c) Clarksdale Auto
(d) Acme Motors

9. What does Gary offer to Brenda as he knows they are going through tough times?
(a) $50
(b) A gun
(c) His truck
(d) A Bible

10. Who is a sex addict who is not tethered securely to reality?
(a) Gary
(b) Spencer
(c) Alicia
(d) Nicole

11. Gary writes letters to Nicole as he is on death row, complaining about what?
(a) The sun
(b) The noise
(c) The books
(d) The priest

12. Who is the twelve-year-old girl Nicole and Gary invite into their bed?
(a) Emily
(b) Annabelle
(c) Rosebeth
(d) Katie

13. How long does Gary's court process take, including the day for jury selection?
(a) Two months
(b) One week
(c) Three days
(d) Four days

14. What is the name of the guy that Nicole really likes, even though she is married to her first husband?
(a) Roger
(b) Dude
(c) The Man
(d) Captain

15. What is the nickname Nicole earns when she is in school because of her growing chest?
(a) Foam Rubber
(b) Double D
(c) The Squish Girl
(d) Naughty Nicole

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes Nicole feel even more moved by the depth of Gary's soul?

2. Who is Gary's first date since being out of prison?

3. Who does Nicole talk to when she says she has met someone she is spiritually tied to?

4. What kind of shop does Vern own and that Gary eventually works at?

5. What does Gary try to steal in response to Nicole's leaving him?

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