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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Nicole doesn't think there's anything wrong with being with other men because she doesn't ___________.
(a) Befriend them
(b) Kiss them
(c) Love them
(d) Know their names

2. Who is the doctor at the state mental hospital who is evaluating Gary during his prison sentence?
(a) Dr. Cahoon
(b) Dr. Boaz
(c) Dr. Smith
(d) Dr. Woods

3. With which state's authorities does Gary get into trouble for auto theft and felony assault?
(a) Utah
(b) Oregon
(c) Nevada
(d) Idaho

4. Gary writes in a letter that he thinks ____________ might return him to the world a happier person.
(a) Reincarnation
(b) Revenge
(c) Drugs
(d) Freedom

5. Whose car is Gary driving when he has the altercation with the security guard?
(a) His own
(b) Sterling's
(c) Vern's
(d) Nicole's

6. What do people say about Gary when they talk about his art work?
(a) He doesn't understand art
(b) He draws like a real artist
(c) He is horrible
(d) He is a sick man

7. Nicole continues to ____________ from Springfield in order to get to Gary.
(a) Ride a bus
(b) Ride a bike
(c) Walk
(d) Hitchhike

8. What does Gary discover is his real last name, according to his birth certificate, although he had been told otherwise?
(a) Bennett
(b) Gilmore
(c) Hoffman
(d) Smith

9. Who thinks Gary might have been the trigger man in the gas station murder?
(a) Alex
(b) Nicole
(c) Mont Court
(d) Peter

10. The Mormon majority believes that man does go on to become a ______________ and inherits one of the many unused planets when he dies.
(a) Spirit
(b) King
(c) Mini-god
(d) Servant

11. Who else does Grace blame for Gary's behavior as they will not pay the back taxes on Bessie's house?
(a) Mormon Church
(b) The bank
(c) Gary's father
(d) The factory's credit union

12. Who is the twelve-year-old girl Nicole and Gary invite into their bed?
(a) Katie
(b) Annabelle
(c) Emily
(d) Rosebeth

13. What is the kind of acid Nicole drops that causes her to scream and yell and run through the streets of Provo?
(a) Christmas
(b) Sunshine
(c) Happiness
(d) Merriment

14. Gary writes letters to Nicole as he is on death row, complaining about what?
(a) The priest
(b) The noise
(c) The books
(d) The sun

15. What does Vern easily beat Gary at, which causes him to feel a little less than a man?
(a) Arm wrestling
(b) Poker
(c) Blackjack
(d) Euchre

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gary suggest he and Rikki do when he isn't able to pick up women?

2. Who is an uptight religious fanatic who is given to nervous breakdowns?

3. What is Cline Campbell's role in the prison setting, requested by Gary for his services?

4. Who is the witness to the murder and robbery Gary commits at the hotel?

5. Who is Gary's first date since being out of prison?

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