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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What convinces Nicole to take Gary back, even though it is presumed he doesn't mean a word of it?
(a) A syrupy letter
(b) A bunch of flowers
(c) A phone call
(d) A greeting card

2. Who does Nicole decide to leave with when she is seven months pregnant and homeless?
(a) Hampton
(b) Her brother
(c) Her dad
(d) Her mom

3. What kind of shop does Spencer McGrath run which is where Gary eventually gets another job?
(a) Oil change
(b) Shoe repair
(c) Convenience
(d) Insulation

4. What is the name of the guy that Nicole really likes, even though she is married to her first husband?
(a) Dude
(b) Captain
(c) The Man
(d) Roger

5. What makes Nicole feel even more moved by the depth of Gary's soul?
(a) He gives her money
(b) He cries for his mother
(c) He wants to marry her
(d) He loves her children

6. Who is Gary's first date since being out of prison?
(a) Brenda
(b) Jessie
(c) Nicole
(d) Lu Ann

7. What is the name of the lot where Gary's truck is situated?
(a) Acme Motors
(b) Clarksdale Auto
(c) Provo Parts
(d) V.J. Motors

8. What does Vern easily beat Gary at, which causes him to feel a little less than a man?
(a) Euchre
(b) Blackjack
(c) Poker
(d) Arm wrestling

9. Gary writes in a letter that he thinks ____________ might return him to the world a happier person.
(a) Reincarnation
(b) Drugs
(c) Revenge
(d) Freedom

10. What is Cline Campbell's role in the prison setting, requested by Gary for his services?
(a) Mormon chaplain
(b) Mentor guide
(c) Volunteer coordinator
(d) Doctor

11. What does Gary rob first in order to get money for a truck payment?
(a) Bakery
(b) Drug store
(c) Bank
(d) Gas station

12. Why can't Nicole take her car to go see Gary at the prison?
(a) It is broken
(b) She lost her license
(c) She hurt her foot
(d) It was stolen

13. Gary Gilmore might end up in Oregon, but where was he born?
(a) Illlinois
(b) Utah
(c) Ohio
(d) Nevada

14. What did Gary do when he was in jail in order to get more privacy and solitude?
(a) Ask to be put into solitary
(b) Attempt suicide
(c) Go to the hospital wing
(d) Volunteer

15. Who is the doctor at the state mental hospital who is evaluating Gary during his prison sentence?
(a) Dr. Smith
(b) Dr. Cahoon
(c) Dr. Woods
(d) Dr. Boaz

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Gary's court process take, including the day for jury selection?

2. Whose albums did Gary and Bessie listen to during some of their happier times together?

3. Where do Gary and Rikki cruise to meet women?

4. How old was Nicole when she first got married?

5. Who else does Grace blame for Gary's behavior as they will not pay the back taxes on Bessie's house?

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