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Provo, Utah

This city is the county seat of Utah County. It is perhaps the strongest Mormon stronghold on the planet and home of Brigham Young University.


This state is where Gary goes to Catholic school and where he first crosses swords with the law.

Denver, Colorado

This city is the home of the Tenth District Court of Appeals, to which prosecution and defense attorneys, as well as those representing the ACLU and NAACP, travel during various appeals and set-aside actions.

Washington D.C.

In this city, attorneys for the defense, the prosecution and third parties argue before a Supreme Court panel the constitutionality of Utah's death penalty law which does not include a mandatory appeal.

Gary and Nicole's Mustangs

These automobiles have been described as many different things in their relationships to American owners - phallic extensions, bedrooms, girlfriends, fashion statements, status symbols.

Gary's White Truck

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