The Executioner's Song Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Book 1, Part 1

• Gary contacts Brenda to help him establish a home and a job when he gets out of jail.

• Gary goes to work for Vern at his shop.

• Gary is set up for a date with Lu Ann Price.

• Brenda and her husband host Gary for Easter.

• Gary starts playing poker at Sterling Baker's house.

• Gary moves out and gets a job with Spencer McGrath.

• Gary gets into trouble, but his parole office talks the police out of arresting him.

• Gary and Nicole get together.

Book 1, Part 2

• Nicole is a sex addict.

• Gary moves in with Nicole and her two children.

• Gary and Nicole settle into a regular relationship.

• Nicole was an exhibitionist as a child.

• Nicole was molested by her Uncle Lee when she was a child.

• Nicole's first husband was Jim Hampton.

• Nicole runs off with Dude's friend Barrett.

• Nicole is sent to the hospital...

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