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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 19-23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Rocky go to stay because he can not remain in London any longer?
(a) Rocky visits a friend in Oxford.
(b) Rocky stays with his family in Bath.
(c) Rocky goes to the Napiers' cottage.
(d) Rocky returns to Italy.

2. What did Allegra do to Winifred when Julian was at the boys' club?
(a) Allegra stole a sweater from her closet.
(b) Allegra lied to her about Julian's whereabouts.
(c) Allegra turned on her and they argued bitterly.
(d) Allegra pushed her.

3. How does Mildred sometimes find the person whom she goes on the annual lunch date with?
(a) Controlling and sexist.
(b) Weak and self-serving.
(c) Obnoxious and selfish.
(d) Fussy and pretentious.

4. What has happened between Winifred and Mildred since Mrs. Gray moved in?
(a) They have gotten closer.
(b) They have drifted apart.
(c) They have gotten into a number of fights.
(d) They have not seen much of each other.

5. What does Allegra suggest about Winifred's future to Mildred?
(a) That Winifred should join a women's guild.
(b) That Winifred should explore the world.
(c) That Winifred should marry.
(d) That Winifred should move in with Mildred.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mrs. Bone fascinated with?

2. Who does Mildred go on an annual holiday with?

3. What does Mildred notice about Julian while she is visiting the Malorys in Chapter 7?

4. What do Miss Clovis, Mildred and Helena discuss over tea?

5. When Rocky visits Mildred and talks about Italy, what offhand comment does he make?

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