Evita: The Real Life of Eva Peron Short Essay - Answer Key

Nicholas Fraser
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1. Where was Eva Marie Duarte born, according to the start of the book?

Eva Maria Duarte was born in Los Toldos, just outside of Buenos Aires, according to the book.

2. What happened to Eva's father at the start of her life, which influenced her later on?

Eva's father, Juan, did not like fatherhood, so he left Eva's mother which caused them to live in poverty.

3. What made Eva a child who was often judged or snubbed by other students in her classes at school?

Eva was the illegitimate child of Juan and Eva's mother, Juana, when she was Juan's mistress.

4. How many children did Juan and Juana have and what were their names?

Juan and Juana had five children, named Blanca, Elisa, Juan, Erminda, and Eva Marie, according to the book.

5. What allegedly happened with the tango singer that caused Evita to want a new life for herself?

When Evita met the tango singer, she is said to have fallen in love and she asked him to take her to live with him in Buenos Aires.

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