Everything That Rises Must Converge Character Descriptions

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Fortune - This character is the loving grandfather of Mary Fortune as well as her murderer.

Carver - This character is the little African American boy who boards the bus with his mother. Julian's mother offers this character a penny in what she thinks of as a gesture of gentility.

Asbury - This character is a failed writer who returns home from New York City to die.

Julian - This character is the protagonist of "Everything That Rises Must Converge." This character is in his early twenties and contributes minimally to the household by selling typewriters.

Julian's Mother - Though descended from a respected, wealthy family, this character is now virtually impoverished. This character holds old-fashioned racist views; she strongly favors segregation, believing that blacks were better off as slaves, and blaming civil rights legislation for her deteriorated social and economic standing.

Parker - This heavily...

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