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Polly Horvath
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which recipe is included in the book?
(a) Shepherd's pie.
(b) Swordfish on a waffle.
(c) Oatmeal cookies.
(d) Lemon pie.

2. Where does Primrose wake up after being injured?
(a) On a pile of sweaters at Miss Perfidy's house.
(b) In the gym.
(c) In her own bed at Uncle Jack's house.
(d) In the hospital.

3. There are two fires in the book. What catches fire?
(a) The gym and the dog house.
(b) A few shavings in the guinea pig's cage and the townhouse complex.
(c) Uncle Jack's house and the gym.
(d) A few shavings in the guinea pig's cage and Uncle Jack's house.

4. What does Primrose have for dinner?
(a) Strawberry waffle shortcake.
(b) Tuna Salad.
(c) Shepherd's pie on a waffle.
(d) Deviled eggs.

5. Who visits Primrose in the hospital?
(a) The mayor.
(b) Miss Honeycut.
(c) Uncle Teddy.
(d) Her parents.

6. Why does Uncle Jack not like Miss Bowzer's habit of serving everything on a waffle?
(a) He thinks trendier, fancier food will attract more tourists.
(b) He hates waffles.
(c) He hates restaurants.
(d) He loves pancakes with tuna salad.

7. After the guinea pig incident, where do Primrose and Uncle Jack go for dinner?
(a) The Girl on a Red Swing restaurant.
(b) Uncle Jack's house.
(c) Miss Perfidy's house.
(d) The Girl on a Yellow Swing restaurant.

8. Walking on the beach with Mallomar, what animals does Primrose see first?
(a) Crabs.
(b) Chimpanzees.
(c) Sharks.
(d) Seals.

9. Who do Evie, Bert and Primrose meet at dinner?
(a) Miss Perfidy.
(b) Mr. Cantina.
(c) Miss Honeycut.
(d) Uncle Jack.

10. Why does Uncle Jack rush to the fire?
(a) To save Primrose.
(b) Because everyone else is out of town.
(c) Because he is a volunteer firefighter.
(d) To save Mallomar.

11. Some people suspect Uncle Jack of doing something to start the fire. What is it?
(a) Using a barbeque grill too close to the building.
(b) Playing with matches.
(c) Cutting corners on wiring the townhomes to make more money.
(d) Setting the fire.

12. Does Miss Honeycut believe in intuition?
(a) No, it is against her religion.
(b) Yes, she knows what her sister is thinking.
(c) No, she is a realist.
(d) Yes, but only by children.

13. Who does Uncle Jack rescue from the fire?
(a) Miss Perfidy.
(b) Miss Honeycut.
(c) Primrose.
(d) Bert and Evie.

14. What does Uncle Jack try to do at Miss Honeycut's dinner?
(a) Sell her a nicer house.
(b) Hire her to cook for him.
(c) Give her a puppy.
(d) Sell her a rabbit.

15. What does Primrose think about Miss Bowzer's habit of serving everything on a waffle?
(a) She hates it because she hates waffles.
(b) She prefers broccoli.
(c) She likes it because waffles are yummier cold.
(d) She thinks it makes the restaurant charming and quirky, like Coal Harbour.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who assigns Primrose the job of caring for a guinea pig on the weekend?

2. What is unique about Miss Perfidy's confusion?

3. What does Primrose do when she scrapes her knee outside the "cinnamon house"?

4. Where does The Girl on the Red Swing Restaurant get its name?

5. When Primrose follows Uncle Jack's advice, how does it end up?

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