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Polly Horvath
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the visit with Miss Perfidy end?
(a) The phone rings.
(b) Uncle Jack comes to pick up Primrose.
(c) Primrose rushes off to an appontment.
(d) Miss Perfidy rushes to an appointment that may be imaginary.

2. How many uncles does Primrose have?
(a) Five.
(b) Three: Uncle Jack, Uncle Hubert and Uncle Ted.
(c) One: Uncle Jack.
(d) Two: Uncle Jack and Uncle Theodore.

3. What business owner is unhappy with Uncle Jack's attempts to make the town fancier?
(a) Mr. Cantina.
(b) The Sheriff.
(c) Miss Bowzer.
(d) Mrs. Brown.

4. Primrose asks the sheriff if he or she has ever believed something, in spite of all the evidence. What is the sherriff's answer?
(a) No, intuition is only for children.
(b) Yes, but intuition is only for minor things.
(c) Yes, he once believed a criminal was innocent despite all the evidence.
(d) No, he only trusts the evidence.

5. When Primrose's parents are lost at sea, everyone else assumes they are dead. However, Primrose "just knows" they are where?
(a) Swimming with the dolphins.
(b) Dancing with the stars.
(c) Skiing in the alps.
(d) Living on an island.

6. Left alone, Primrose imagines the noises from the gym are what sounds?
(a) The barking of sea otters.
(b) The groans of dying whales.
(c) The ghosts of dead whalers playing hockey.
(d) The chirps of happy little birds.

7. Which recipe is not included in the book?
(a) Barbeque Pork on a waffle.
(b) Carrots in Apricot Glaze.
(c) Asparagus.
(d) Lemon Sugar Cookies.

8. What does Miss Perfidy serve Primrose to eat?
(a) Cold fish fingers.
(b) Hot waffles with bananas.
(c) A hamburger.
(d) Stale tea biscuits.

9. Primrose tells Uncle Jack he could sell the "cinnamon house" if he would just do one thing. What is it?
(a) Make it smell like roses.
(b) Buy the new owner a puppy.
(c) Listen to Primrose's advice and insights about the townspeople.
(d) Move away from Coal Harbour.

10. Now that she can bake cinnamon rolls, where will Primrose go with Uncle Jack?
(a) She can go to the gym.
(b) She will be able to go with him when he shows houses.
(c) She can go to the museum.
(d) She can go to the grocery store.

11. At first, Uncle Jack can't care for Primrose because he lives far away and is in which branch of the military?
(a) The Army.
(b) The Airforce.
(c) The Navy.
(d) The Marines.

12. How is Miss Perfidy's outfit unusual in Chapter 7?
(a) Miss Perfidy is wearing all of Primrose's sweaters.
(b) Miss Perfidy is wearing a long, blond wig.
(c) Miss Perfidy is wearing a bathing suit with a raincoat.
(d) Miss Perfidy has her dress on backwards.

13. How much is Miss Perfidy being paid each hour to watch Primrose?
(a) Three dollars.
(b) One dollar.
(c) Five dollars.
(d) Twenty dollars.

14. What is Mrs. Cantina eating in the store?
(a) A dog biscuit.
(b) Cotton candy.
(c) A waffle.
(d) A caramel apple.

15. How old is Primrose at the beginning of the story?
(a) Fourteen.
(b) Eleven.
(c) Seven.
(d) Nine.

Short Answer Questions

1. Miss Bowzer suggests that Primrose have someone beat up the children bullying her. Who does she suggest?

2. How does Uncle Jack hope to make the economy of Coal Harbour stronger?

3. Why is one of the houses Uncle Jack is trying to sell nicknamed the "cinnamon house"?

4. What does Primrose decide to write in her mother's notebook?

5. What is the name of the sheriff who takes Primrose away?

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