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Polly Horvath
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What recipe is at the end of Chapter One?
(a) Carrots in Apricot Glaze.
(b) Chocolate Chip Cookies.
(c) Roast Pork with Sage Stuffing.
(d) Fried Squash.

2. Why is one of the houses Uncle Jack is trying to sell nicknamed the "cinnamon house"?
(a) Because it smells like burnt cinnamon.
(b) Because the Cinnamon family used to live there.
(c) Because it was built by Bud Cinnamon.
(d) Because it is the color of cinnamon.

3. What is so unusual about Miss Perfidy's memory?
(a) She can't remember anything.
(b) Nothing -- it's very ordinary.
(c) She can't remember names.
(d) She "remembers" things that never happened.

4. When did Primrose's family decide to spend some quality time together?
(a) When Primrose's baby sister was born.
(b) After her parents came back from a vacation without her.
(c) After Primrose was lost at the circus.
(d) Before her parents went on a vacation without her.

5. Why does Primrose visit the pier almost every day?
(a) To wait for her parents to return in a boat.
(b) To look for sharks.
(c) To tame a seal.
(d) To eat cotton candy.

6. Miss Bowzer's restaurant is unique because every item is served on top of what?
(a) Spinach.
(b) Scrambled eggs.
(c) A waffle.
(d) Fishsticks.

7. What did Primrose think about spending "family time" with her parents before they were lost?
(a) It was more fun than eating ice cream.
(b) It did not happen often enough.
(c) It was boring.
(d) It was the most fun she ever had.

8. Primrose's belongings are divided between three places. What are they?
(a) Miss Perfidy's house, the gym and Uncle Jack's house.
(b) Miss Perfidy's house, Uncle Jack's house and her parents' house.
(c) Miss Perfidy's house, her parents' house and school.
(d) Miss Perfidy's house, her parents' house and the gym.

9. Miss Honeycut is from Europe, and claims to be related to whom?
(a) Elvis.
(b) Johnny Depp.
(c) Uncle Jack.
(d) The Queen of England.

10. Which recipe is not included in the book?
(a) Carrots in Apricot Glaze.
(b) Asparagus.
(c) Barbeque Pork on a waffle.
(d) Lemon Sugar Cookies.

11. Left alone, Primrose imagines the noises from the gym are what sounds?
(a) The barking of sea otters.
(b) The groans of dying whales.
(c) The chirps of happy little birds.
(d) The ghosts of dead whalers playing hockey.

12. Why does Primrose believe her parents are safe on an island when everyone else thinks they are dead?
(a) She is not very smart.
(b) She trusts her intuition.
(c) She has secret information.
(d) She can see them in a magic mirror.

13. Who does Primrose name Mallomar?
(a) Her new puppy.
(b) Her new teddy bear.
(c) The new owner of the drugstore.
(d) A seal at the zoo.

14. How does Primrose describe the recipe for cinnamon rolls?
(a) Tricky and fun.
(b) Tricky and messy.
(c) Old and moldy.
(d) Fun and messy.

15. What are Primrose's comments about making caramel apples?
(a) The recipe should be kept short and sweet.
(b) The recipe should be long and difficult.
(c) The recipe should be short and difficult.
(d) Nothing -- there is no recipe for caramel apples.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Primrose decide to write in her mother's notebook?

2. How does Uncle Jack hope to make the economy of Coal Harbour stronger?

3. What is Mrs. Cantina eating in the store?

4. What is Miss Perfidy's reaction when Primrose says that she "just knows" her parents are still alive?

5. Who calls the sheriff when Primrose is in the store?

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