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Polly Horvath
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Primrose do while Uncle Jack shows the "cinnamon house" for the first time?
(a) Tames a wild horse.
(b) Bakes cookies and goes to bed.
(c) Does her homework and goes to bed.
(d) Builds a sandcastle.

2. What business owner is unhappy with Uncle Jack's attempts to make the town fancier?
(a) Miss Bowzer.
(b) Mr. Cantina.
(c) Mrs. Brown.
(d) The Sheriff.

3. Primrose is first taunted by the other children when she is doing what?
(a) Eating ice cream.
(b) Walking home from school.
(c) Cleaning Uncle Jack's car.
(d) Playing a video game.

4. When does Primrose move to Uncle Jack's house?
(a) In the Winter.
(b) In July.
(c) At the end of summer, to start school.
(d) In the Spring.

5. One of the girls taunting her says that Primrose's mother should have done what instead of sailing off into the storm to find her husband?
(a) Wait until morning.
(b) Stay with Primrose.
(c) Call the Coast Guard.
(d) Build a new boat.

6. What does Primrose do while Uncle Jack shows the "cinnamon house" for the second time?
(a) Learns to shoot hoops with Miss Perfidy.
(b) Helps Miss Bowzer at her restaurant.
(c) Learns to knit with her mother.
(d) Learns to play hockey with Miss Honeycut.

7. What is Mrs. Cantina eating in the store?
(a) A caramel apple.
(b) A waffle.
(c) Cotton candy.
(d) A dog biscuit.

8. Why is the whaling industry dying in Coal Harbour?
(a) Whales are too big to catch.
(b) People are too afraid of the water to go whaling.
(c) The whales are endangered.
(d) No one eats whale meat anymore.

9. Who counsels the other children to be kind to Primrose because her parents are presumed dead?
(a) The Town Council.
(b) Miss Honeycut.
(c) Uncle Jack.
(d) Miss Perfidy.

10. How old is Primrose at the beginning of the story?
(a) Seven.
(b) Fourteen.
(c) Nine.
(d) Eleven.

11. Primrose moves in with Uncle Jack when he is transferred to Coal Harbour. He is eventually assigned to do what job?
(a) Manage a gym.
(b) Captain a boat.
(c) Run a plumbing supply depot.
(d) Build a dam.

12. Uncle Jack has bought the Cantina's store. What other Coal Harbour business does he want to buy?
(a) Miss Bowzer's restaurant.
(b) The candy store.
(c) The video store.
(d) The bait shop at the pier.

13. Why does Primrose believe her parents are safe on an island when everyone else thinks they are dead?
(a) She has secret information.
(b) She trusts her intuition.
(c) She is not very smart.
(d) She can see them in a magic mirror.

14. What is Uncle Jack's first reaction to having Primrose move in with him?
(a) He buys her new bedroom furniture.
(b) He is reluctant, but finally agrees.
(c) He disappears.
(d) He is thrilled.

15. What is Miss Perfidy's reaction when Primrose says that she "just knows" her parents are still alive?
(a) Miss Perfidy buys her an ice cream cone.
(b) Miss Perfidy bursts into tears.
(c) Miss Perfidy walks away.
(d) Miss Perfidy slaps her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Primrose asks the sheriff if he or she has ever believed something, in spite of all the evidence. What is the sherriff's answer?

2. What is Miss Honeycut's job?

3. Miss Perfidy smells oddly of what?

4. What are Primrose's comments about making caramel apples?

5. How is Miss Perfidy's outfit unusual in Chapter 7?

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