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Polly Horvath
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 13 and 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Left alone at night, what does Primrose worry about?
(a) If she left the iron on.
(b) If her plant needs to be watered.
(c) If her parents are dead.
(d) If her parents are too cold and hungry on the island.

2. Why is one of the houses Uncle Jack is trying to sell nicknamed the "cinnamon house"?
(a) Because it was built by Bud Cinnamon.
(b) Because it is the color of cinnamon.
(c) Because it smells like burnt cinnamon.
(d) Because the Cinnamon family used to live there.

3. What is unique about Miss Perfidy's confusion?
(a) She remembers names, but nothing else.
(b) Nothing -- Miss Perfidy is not confused.
(c) She doesn't forget things that happened, she "remembers" things that never happened.
(d) She forgets everyone's name.

4. What incident takes place while Primrose is in the Cantina's store, making Mr. Cantina very angry?
(a) Someone wears a funny hat.
(b) Someone leaves a cake outside in the rain.
(c) Someone breaks her arm.
(d) The dog's leash is cut, and he runs into the street.

5. Primrose and Uncle Jack live in a house next to what building?
(a) The pier.
(b) The school.
(c) The gym.
(d) The library.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Primrose name Mallomar?

2. Who are Evie and Bert?

3. Who counsels the other children to be kind to Primrose because her parents are presumed dead?

4. Where does Primrose wake up after being injured?

5. Why is Uncle Jack so eager to sell the "cinnamon house"?

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