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Polly Horvath
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 11 and 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Primrose have for dinner?
(a) Shepherd's pie on a waffle.
(b) Tuna Salad.
(c) Strawberry waffle shortcake.
(d) Deviled eggs.

2. Primrose asks the sheriff if he or she has ever believed something, in spite of all the evidence. What is the sherriff's answer?
(a) Yes, but intuition is only for minor things.
(b) No, intuition is only for children.
(c) Yes, he once believed a criminal was innocent despite all the evidence.
(d) No, he only trusts the evidence.

3. What is Mallomar named after?
(a) Primrose's favorite cookie.
(b) Primrose's favorite waffle.
(c) A boat.
(d) A pony.

4. In Chapter 8, does Miss Honeycut believe that Primrose's parents are still alive?
(a) Yes, Miss Honeycut agrees with Primrose because they are best friends.
(b) No, but she helps Primrose look for them anyway.
(c) Yes, Miss Honeycut is the only person who believes Primrose.
(d) No, she tells Primrose she must accept the fact that her parents are dead.

5. Why is one of the houses Uncle Jack is trying to sell nicknamed the "cinnamon house"?
(a) Because the Cinnamon family used to live there.
(b) Because it is the color of cinnamon.
(c) Because it smells like burnt cinnamon.
(d) Because it was built by Bud Cinnamon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Uncle Jack tells Primrose she can come with him to show the "cinnamon house" if she will learn to do one thing. What is it?

2. What does Miss Perfidy say about the missing sweaters?

3. What finally happens to Lena, the creator of the boiled potato recipe?

4. Primrose tells Uncle Jack he could sell the "cinnamon house" if he would just do one thing. What is it?

5. When Primrose follows Uncle Jack's advice, how does it end up?

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