Objects & Places from Everything on a Waffle

Polly Horvath
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British Columbia

A province on the far western side of Canada, where the story is set.

Coal Harbor

A small, quirky but charming town on the Pacific Ocean, where the novel is set.

Primrose's Notebook

Once her mother's, this is where the main character writes recipes.

The Recipes

Each chapter ends with these directions to make a dish important in the story.

The Girl on the Red Swing

The odd but charming restaurant run by Miss Bowzer.


Everthing at Miss Bowzer's restaurant is served on one of these because she believes in giving people a "little something" extra.

Uncle Jack's House

A house next door to a gym where the main character lives for a time.

The Raincoat

The only item belonging to either of Primrose's parents that is discovered floating in the ocean, after they are lost at sea.

The Townhouse Complex

A real estate development...

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