Daily Lessons for Teaching Everything on a Waffle

Polly Horvath
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1: When Primrose's father is lost at sea during a storm, her mother sails out to find him, and is lost herself. The townspeople assume both parents are dead. The objective is to explore the character of Primrose's mother and how that affects Primrose and the story.


1) Class discussion: How is Primrose's mother described in the novel? What action does Primrose's mother take when her husband is missing? What could she have done instead? Would most women act as Primrose's mother did? How do her mother's actions affect Primrose? Is Primrose's personality like her mother's, or the opposite of her mother's? If both her parents die, how will that affect Primrose? What risk was her mother taking?

2) Small group discussion: Is Primrose like her mother or is she shy and quiet? Does the reader expect Primrose to always do as she is told or does...

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