Everything on a Waffle Fun Activities

Polly Horvath
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Everything on a Waffle Drawing

Draw your ideal waffle, with everything that you love on it. You can limit yourself to food items, but you don't have to. What would be on your waffle? Rainbows? A swimming pool? A puppy or kitten? School? Home? Be as creative as possible.

Whale Drawing

Draw a species of endangered whale. Label the drawing with the type of whale, and give your whale a name.

Waffle Collage

Draw a waffle on the bottom of the paper. Cut pictures out of magazines of fun foods to put on a waffle. Be as creative as possible -- how about a hamburger and hotdog waffle with ice cream, or cotton candy on a waffle?

Whale Poem

Pretend you are an endangered whale living in the ocean. Write a poem about your life. It may include your favorite activities, your friends and your average day.

Zany Characters Writing & Drawing

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