Everything on a Waffle Character Descriptions

Polly Horvath
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Primrose Squarp

The main character, a red-haired girl who loses her parents and all her sweaters.

Primrose's Parents

Two people who are lost at sea, living on a desert island until they are rescued.

Miss Perfidy

An odd woman who smells of mothballs and is paid to babysit Primrose at the beginning of the book.

Miss Honeycut

The school guidance counselor who eventually gets Primrose put in a foster home.

Miss Bowzer

The owner of a restaurant where everything is served on a waffle.

Uncle Jack

A relative who takes the main character in after her parents disappear, although he is somewhat reluctant.

Sherriff Peters

The policeman who gives Primrose her mother's raincoat and says that her parents are probably dead.


A Cold Harbor neighbor who became obsessed with winning a potato cooking contest.

Evie and Bert

The kind couple who become Primrose's foster parents.



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