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Short Answer Questions

1. What is written on Sofiowka's chest when he is found dead?

2. What book did Jonathan find in the "In Case" box?

3. When does the old woman want out of the car?

4. What does Grandfather say to the woman they meet in "Falling in Love" that is out of character?

5. Concerning Jonathan's novel, what does Alex ask Jonathan to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. "Letter Dated 17 November 1997" revolves around the theme of forgiveness. Give at least one example of who needs to be granted forgiveness and the reason.

2. Why does Alex send back the money that Jonathan sent him? Why is he angry?

3. Alex asks Jonathan to finish writing the chapter "An Overture to Illumination." Why? Does Jonathan do it? How can you tell?

4. How does the Kolker change in "The Dial, 1941-1804-1941"?

5. Safran does not consummate his relationship until his wedding night. What does this suggest about his relationships with other women?

6. With everything that has happened to Jonathan, Alex, and Grandfather, even Grandfather goes through some significant changes. In "An Overture to Illumination," Grandfather makes the waitress apologize to Jonathan. Why? What is different about Grandfather? How and why has he changed?

7. The old woman tells that she must live near Trachimbrod as "punishment" (189). According to her, what is she being punished for? What does this mean to you?

8. Although the novel does not say it directly, based on what is written in the Book of Antecedents, what can we assume Brod asked the Kolker to do? Why would she ask this?

9. Why is it ironic that Safran asks his great-great-great-grandfather to not "let me hate who I become" (141)?

10. What is the relationship between Safran in 1941, Brod in 1804, and the Dial.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the novel, there is a theme of responsibility. Every man or woman is somehow responsible for their child's actions. Discuss the concept of a father/mother's responsibility for the their child's actions. Is this true? Give examples from Foer's novel and provide examples from your own life that may show responsibility in family relationships or the lack thereof.

Essay Topic 2

Jonathan Safran Foer is both the writer of the novel and is a character in the novel, yet this is a work of fiction. He must include himself in the story for a reason. Research the author and show how his own life has influenced Everything is Illuminated. Make sure you find at least three different resources. Only one of your sources may be from the internet. Compare and contrast the real Jonathan with the fictitious Jonathan.

Essay Topic 3

Everything is Illuminated explores the idea of writing. Look at the characters in the novel who write. What genres do they use? Why do people write? What does it accomplish? Is it worth it? What is the author's purpose?

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