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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the old woman saw Safran again years after the town was destroyed, what did they do?
(a) They cursed the Nazis.
(b) They cried.
(c) They had lunch, a bath, and a fight.
(d) They told stories about the people they knew.

2. What is in all of the boxes in the old woman's house?
(a) Old newspapers about the war.
(b) Documents that need to be filed.
(c) The woman's favorite photographs.
(d) The only items remaining of Trachimbrod.

3. According to Jonathan, what makes women fall in love with Safran?
(a) His teeth.
(b) His wit and charm.
(c) His blue eyes.
(d) His dead arm.

4. What does the woman give Jonathan?
(a) A book his grandfather had given her.
(b) A picture of his grandfather and grandmother.
(c) A kiss.
(d) A box with the words "In Case" written on it.

5. When the old woman's father had the gun pointed at him and was told to do something or die, what did he do?
(a) He refused.
(b) He did as he was told.
(c) He laughed.
(d) He cursed them.

6. Who does Safran think he looks like?
(a) His mother.
(b) His neighbor.
(c) His rabbi.
(d) His great-great-great grandfather.

7. What does Grandfather want to do with Alex's money?
(a) Buy a home for himself and Little Igor.
(b) Look for Kolki.
(c) Look for Augustine.
(d) Buy a new car.

8. Why doesn't Brod want her husband to go to work?
(a) She likes having him at home.
(b) His work is too strenuous.
(c) She cannot stand being alone.
(d) The flour mill is cursed.

9. What happens to the Kolker when he goes to work?
(a) He dies.
(b) He has a saw blade imbedded in his head.
(c) He is robbed.
(d) He loses an arm to the machinery.

10. What does Alex ask Jonathan in "Letter Dated 24 December 1997?"
(a) He asks that Jonathan stop sending money.
(b) He asks that they never criticize or praise each other's writing again.
(c) He asks that Jonathan send him more money.
(d) He asks that they no longer communicate.

11. What is written on Sofiowka's chest when he is found dead?
(a) Trachimbrod.
(b) Animal.
(c) Rapist.
(d) Sorry.

12. Why are the Gypsy girl and Safran unable to be together?
(a) Because she is poor and he is rich.
(b) Because of his arm.
(c) Because she is smart and he is not.
(d) Because she is a Gypsy and he is a Jew.

13. What makes Lista unique?
(a) She can tie a cherry stem in a knot.
(b) She inspires Safran to bathe.
(c) She dresses immaculately.
(d) She is a Gypsy.

14. In "Letter Dated 26 January 1998," what does Alex do with the division Jonathan sent him?
(a) He gave it to Father.
(b) He read it to Little Igor.
(c) He read it to Grandfather.
(d) He gave it to Samy Davis Junior, Junior.

15. Where is the wedding reception held?
(a) At the Double House.
(b) At Safran's house.
(c) At the synagogue.
(d) At the river.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Falling in Love," who does Alex think he has found?

2. How many times do Joseph and Sarah L. get married?

3. What does Safran get paid to do by the Sloucher congregation?

4. What is done with the Kolker's body after he dies?

5. What does Grandfather pull out of the "In Case" box the first time?

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