Objects & Places from Everything Is Illuminated: A Novel

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Picture of Augustine

Jonathan uses this object to begin his quest to find someone who helped his grandfather.

Jonathan's Papers

This object is eaten by an animal.

Picture of Eli/Grandfather and Hershel

This object prompts Eli/Grandfather to tell a story about when the Germans came to their village.

A box labeled in case

Jonathan receives this object while looking for the woman who saved his grandfather.

Saw Blade

This object hit a character in the head at the flour mill and leaves the character changed for life.

The Dial

This object is said to bring luck to anyone who touches it.


This is a celebration remembering a man who died and a child's birth.

Book of Recurent Dreams

This object is a record of dreams kept by the Slouchers.

The Book of Antecedents

This object started as a way of recording important events, but soon...

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