Everything Is Illuminated: A Novel Multiple Choice Test Questions

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An Overture to the Commencement of a Very Rigid Journey; The Beginning of the World Often Comes; The Lottery, 1791; Letter Dated 20 July 1997; An Overture to Encountering the Hero, and Then Encountering the Hero

1. Who is the first character introduced in the book?
(a) Alexander Perchov.
(b) Sammy Davis, Junior, Junior.
(c) Grandfather.
(d) Jonathen Safran Foer.

2. What is the name of Grandfather's dog?
(a) Rolf.
(b) Alexander.
(c) Little Igor.
(d) Sammy Davis, Junior, Junior.

3. Who is nicknamed the "Clumsy One?"
(a) Jonathen.
(b) Alexander.
(c) Little Igor.
(d) Grandfather.

4. Why does Alex misuse words?
(a) He is not a native English speaker.
(b) He is illiterate.
(c) Hetries to be smarter than he is.
(d) He cannot spell.

5. What ailment does Grandfather claim to have?
(a) He claims to have a trick knee.
(b) He claims to have a broken toe.
(c) He claims to be deaf.
(d) He claims to be blind.

6. What is Grandfather hired to do?
(a) Cook.
(b) Drive the car.
(c) Translate.
(d) Park cars.

7. What is Alex hired to do?
(a) Park cars.
(b) Drive the car.
(c) Carry luggage.
(d) Translate.

8. Where does Alex live?
(a) Russia.
(b) Germany.
(c) America.
(d) The Ukraine.

9. What does Alex claim to be?
(a) An accountant.
(b) An excellent cook.
(c) A lady's man.
(d) Celibate.

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