Everything I Never Told You Short Essay - Answer Key

Celeste Ng
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1. In Chapter 1, what does Marilyn find when she goes to Lydia's room?

When Marilyn opens the door to her daughter's room, she sees that the bed has not been slept in. Nothing seems out of place. A pair of corduroys and a sock are on the floor. A row of science fair ribbons are on the wall. Lydia's duffel bag is crumpled on the floor of the closet. Her green bookbag is next to the desk. On her dresser is a bottle of Baby Soft.

2. In what ways do Marilyn and Lydia look alike?

Marilyn and Lydia's faces are so alike, that you can see one in the corner of your eye and mistake her for the other. They have the same elfish chin, high cheekbones, and left-cheek dimple. Their build is thin-shouldered. Only their hair color is different.

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