Everything I Never Told You Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Celeste Ng
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1. What is the dates at the beginning of Chapter 1?

May 3, 1977.

2. In Chapter 1, what was next to Lydia's cereal bowl?

Physics homework.

3. What radio station does Lydia's father listen to on the way to work in Chapter 1?


4. What was Lydia's sister eating in Chapter 1?


5. In Chapter 1, what time did Nath hear a radio in Lydia's room?

11:30 p.m.

6. What color is Marilyn's hair?

Honey blonde.

7. How old was Lydia when Marilyn accidentally put her hand down on a hot burner on the stove?

11 months.

8. Where did Lydia go to school?

Middlewood High.

9. When Marilyn calls the high school to see if Lydia is in class, who answers the phone?


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