Everything I Never Told You Fun Activities

Celeste Ng
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Imagine that you could disappear and start a new life. Discuss with a group how you would disappear and what you would do.

Lydia's Obituary

Write an obituary for Lydia.


Draw a portrait of the Lee family, including Lydia.

Author Interview

Write ten questions that you would ask the author if you could interview her.


Find resources in your community that you could use to help a friend who was considering suicide and list those resources.

Preventing Lydia's Suicide

Discuss with a group what might have happened if any of Lydia's family members had seen that Lydia was struggling. Might her death have been prevented?

Birthday Present

Write about a birthday present you received that wasn't what you wanted. How did you feel about the person who gave you the gift?

The Lake

Think about a place you like to go with your family, just...

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