Everything I Never Told You Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Celeste Ng
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Chapters 1-2

• The Lees are having breakfast and wondering why Lydia is late one day in May in 1977.

• What they don’t know is that Lydia is dead.

• Lydia’s brother and sister tell their mother how they heard Lydia the night before.

• Nathan and Hannah want to stay home from school, but Marilyn has Nathan drive her car to school with Hannah.

• Marilyn calls the high school, and she learns that Lydia is not at school.

• She searches the house, even opening cupboards looking for Lydia.

• When she doesn’t find Lydia, she decides to call her husband.

• James is grading papers in his office at Middlewood College.

• His teaching assistant, Louisa, brings the essays she was grading.

• They discuss how the students did on the essays.

• Stanley Hewitt, another professor, comes to James’ office.

• Marilyn speaks to James and asks him to come home.

• When the...

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