Everything, Everything Short Essay - Answer Key

Nicola Yoon
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1. How is Madeline's room described in "The White Room"?

Madeline's room is described as completely white and sterile. There is a white couch, white furniture, and white walls. The only color in the room is the multi-colored books that sit on Madeline's bookshelf.

2. What is Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease and what are its effects on a patient?

Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease is also known as bubble baby disease. It is a disease in which the patient is hypersensitive to illness, allergies, and infection from any exterior input. This is why patients such as Madeline must be kept within a completely sterile environment.

3. What does Madeline do with her mother in “Brthdae Uish”?

On her eighteenth birthday, Madeline and her mother do the same thing they do on every of Madeline's birthdays. They make a vanilla cake, play a game called "Phonetic Scrabble," and watch the movie Young Frankenstein.

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