Everything, Everything Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Nicola Yoon
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1. What is Madeline's last name?


2. Where does Madeline describe spotting the state fish while snorkeling in "The White Room"?


3. By what more common term does Madeline refer to Severe Combined Immunodeficiency in "Scid Row"?

Bubble baby disease.

4. For how long does Madeline say she has not left her house in "Scid Row"?

17 years.

5. In the "Daily Health Log" in "Scid Row," what is the date listed?

May 2.

6. Who is listed as Madeline's caretaker in the "Daily Health Log" in "Scid Row"?

Dr. Pauline Whittier.

7. Who is Madeline's full-time nurse?


8. What kind of cake does Madeline have for her birthday?


9. What movie do Madeline and her mother watch on her birthday?

Young Frankenstein.

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