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Nicola Yoon
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Reward if Found" - "Zach".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On what date does Madeline describe the family next door moving away in "Madeline's Diary"?
(a) August 5.
(b) December 12.
(c) May 2.
(d) June 4.

2. What is described as Carla's favorite band of all time in "Everything's a Risk"?
(a) WHAM!
(b) The Beatles.
(c) The Who.
(d) ABBA.

3. Where in Hawaii do Madeline and Olly go snorkeling in "Jump"?
(a) Pearl Harbor.
(b) Haleakala.
(c) Waimea Canyon.
(d) Black Rock.

4. Why does Madeline say she sent the email to Olly not to contact her in "No Yes Maybe"?
(a) Because Carla found out about him.
(b) Because she has lost interest.
(c) Because her mother grounded her.
(d) Because she was scared.

5. By how many points is Madeline ahead of her mother after playing the word "seekrits" in the chapter “Owtsyd”?
(a) 20 points ahead.
(b) 7 points ahead.
(c) 10 points ahead.
(d) 4 points ahead.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Olly claim as his favorite vice in "First Contact, Part Three"?

2. What does Madeline do when her mother sits by her in bed in "The Third Maddy"?

3. What is Carla's answer to Madeline's plea in "Ten Minutes After That"?

4. What does Olly buy for his mother at the souvenir shop in “Remembrance of Things Present”?

5. Where is Olly sitting when Madeline walks in to visit him in the sun room in "Life and Death"?

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