Objects & Places from Everything, Everything

Nicola Yoon
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White Room

This setting in the novel symbolizes the sterile environment where the protagonist lives and spends most of her time.

Colorful Books

These objects symbolize Madeline's escape from her closed off environment and her only contact with the outside world.

Flowers for Algernon

This novel appears several times in Everything, Everything, and symbolizes Madeline's wish for a cure for her disease. She later gives the book to Carla.

The Bundt Cake

This object symbolizes the burgeoning friendship between Madeline and Olly. He uses this object for humor as they initially communicate through their bedroom windows.

Clay Astronaut Figure

This object symbolizes Madeline and her detachment from the world around her. She always hides this object in each of the architectural models that she creates.

Black Rubber Band

This object symbolizes Olly. It is also the indication to Madeline's mother that Madeline has had physical contact with Olly...

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