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Nicola Yoon
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Gaslighting in Everything, Everything

The term "gaslighting" refers to manipulation by psychological means into make a person question their own sanity. Develop a project or written paper examining how gaslighting might apply in Everything, Everything.

Plot Holes

In Everything, Everything, there are several small (or large) plot holes that exist in the story. Develop a project that explores these plot holes and how they affect the story as a whole.

Film Adaptation

Everything, Everything was adapted to film in 2017. Allow students to see the film and complete a paper discussing the correlations and differences between the novel and the movie.

Medical Research

Complete a research project on the different medical conditions discussed and explored in the novel. Based on your research, how realistic is the author's depictions of these conditions?

David Vetter

The main factor in Everything, Everything that controls Madeline's circumstances is her diagnosis with severe combined...

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