Everything, Everything Character Descriptions

Nicola Yoon
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Madeline “Maddy” Whittier

This character is the protagonist and narrator of Everything, Everything. She is an 18-year-old young woman who is believed to be inflicted with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disorder (SCID), which is also known as the bubble baby disease. She has lived her entire life in a completely sterile environment with her only human communication between her mother and her full-time nurse.

Dr. Pauline Whittier

This character is the protagonist's mother and she serves as her primary medical caretaker. She lost her husband and son in a car accident not long after her daughter was born.

Oliver “Olly” Bright

This character is the teenage boy who moves in next door to the protagonist. She forms a relationship with him that ultimately leads to her character's journey.

Carla Flores

This character is the full-time nurse who attends to the protagonist while her mother is away at work. She has...

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