Objects & Places from Everyman, and Medieval Miracle Plays

A. C. Cawley
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The Medieval Pageants

These were written in the 1500's.

The Bible

The plays of this book were based upon the content of this object.

York, Chester, Brome, Coventry, Wakefield, Towneley

These were the places where the plays were first written and performed.

N. Town

The use of this "object" represented a substitution for the universality of the setting of the plays.


These are commonly used as sacrifices.

Heaven and Hell

These locations represent either a place of suffering and torture, or peace and righteousness.

Adam and Eve's Apple

This object represents the original finding of self-awareness.

Noah's Ark

This object allows one family and multiple pairs of animals to survive a flood.


This is the setting for the encounter between Mary and the Shepherds.

The Cross

This object, used in Ancient Rome, is an instrument of torture.

Veronica's Handkerchief

This object is used to wipe blood...

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