Everyman, and Medieval Miracle Plays Multiple Choice Test Questions

A. C. Cawley
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Part 1 (Preface and Introduction)

1. According to the introduction, what were the pageants in the book chosen for?
(a) Intrinsic merit.
(b) Historical accuracy.
(c) Lessons and morals taught.
(d) Religious authority.

2. Most of what from the original play was preserved for the text?
(a) Original characters.
(b) Original themes.
(c) Original words.
(d) Original morals.

3. Occasionally, why have the archaic forms not been modernized for the convenience of the reader?
(a) For the sake of rhyme.
(b) For the sake of authenticity.
(c) For the sake of author intent.
(d) For the sake of literature.

4. In the plays, what directions are bracketed?
(a) Stage directions.
(b) Lighting directions.
(c) Editorial directions.
(d) Sound directions.

5. Who gave the editor permission to use the editions of the original text?
(a) The Early English Text Society.
(b) The Medieval Language Library.
(c) The Early British Library Society.
(d) The English Medieval Library of Text.

6. What text did the editor use for his translation of "Everyman"?
(a) "Everyman and the Medieval Plays."
(b) "Every Man and the Plays."
(c) "Everyman: The Original English Text."
(d) "Everyman and Other Interludes."

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