Everyman, and Medieval Miracle Plays Fun Activities

A. C. Cawley
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Everyman-The Play

Watch a taping of "Everyman" or the Miracle Plays.

Now Presenting

Create play posters for a mock presentation of the pageants. Posters should represent different aspects that the pageants show in the text.

Book Cover Design

Have students create a book cover for the pageants.

In Order of Appearance

Create a cast list from current actors/actresses whom the student would believe would best personify the part.


Have students find music that would represent one of the pageants. Assign one of the pageants to each student and have them create a song list that would illustrate the actions of the pageant.

Now Appearing: You

Have students get into number appropriate groups (in accordance to the pageant assigned). Have students memorize and perform a pageant or portion of a pageant.

Second Edition

Have students bring one of the pageants into current time. Have students rewrite the...

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