Everyman, and Medieval Miracle Plays Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

A. C. Cawley
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Essay Topic 1

Based upon the play "Everyman", why should mankind live their lives in the most moral way possible? (i.e., What did Everyman come up against during his travels, therefore what does mankind need to prepare for?)

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast the characters Cain, Pilate, and Herod. Given that these are the "villains" of the pageants, how do the characters compare and contrast each other based upon their needs and desires?

Essay Topic 3

Many lessons were taught in the morality plays of the text. Which of the morality plays has the strongest message? What was the message? Why was it the most important in the text? How was the lesson taught?

Essay Topic 4

In "Everyman", readers learn that it is only through Good Deeds that one may enter the gates of Heaven. What other of the medieval plays contains the same message? How does the play...

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