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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Ms. Johnson in 1949?
(a) She is in a car wreck.
(b) She has a heart attack.
(c) She gets hooked in the side by a cow.
(d) She contracts polio.

2. Why does Dee change her name?
(a) She is hiding from the law.
(b) So she won't have a white oppressor name.
(c) She needs a more glamorous name to be an actress.
(d) Hakim-a-barber hates her real name.

3. In Ms. Johnson's dreams, on what television program are she and Dee brought together?
(a) Johnny Carson.
(b) David Letterman.
(c) Jerry Springer.
(d) Oprah.

4. Which character in "Everyday Use" always looks anyone in the eye because hesitation is not part of her nature?
(a) Ms. Johnson.
(b) Maggie.
(c) Aunt Dicie.
(d) Dee.

5. Who whittles Ms. Johnson's churn top?
(a) Grandpa Jarrell.
(b) Uncle Henry.
(c) Uncle Buddy.
(d) Great Grandpa Ezra.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ms. Johnson say could be done if the quilts do become rags in five years?

2. How much does Dee think Grandma Dee's quilts are worth?

3. Why does Wangero want the two quilts Grandma Dee pieced rather than the substitute gift her mother offers her?

4. What trait does Ms. Johnson possess in her dreams that the Johnsons don't have in real life?

5. What does Ms. Johnson think Dee's companion does for a living because of his name?

Short Essay Questions

1. Are the Johnsons in "Everyday Use" typical or atypical for rural southern Black families living in the era in which the story is set?

2. How did Dee react when her mother offered her a quilt before Dee left for college and what has caused her to change her opinion about having a quilt now?

3. What do the Johnson family heirlooms like the butter churn and patchwork quilts indicate about the Johnson family and about southern Black culture?

4. Is there any significance to the fact that neither Ms. Johnson's marital state nor Dee's are revealed in "Everyday Use?"

5. What kind of life has Ms. Johnson lived?

6. Explain Ms. Johnson's feelings about white people.

7. Describe the Johnson family home.

8. What level of education does Dee have and how does it differ from the educational levels of her mother and sister?

9. What happened to the Johnsons' previous home and how has this tragedy affected the family?

10. Which character in "Everyday Use" is a foil character and what helps identify that character as a foil character?

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